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Dr. Wesley Govender

Dr. Wesley Govender

Dr. Wesley Govender (MMBCh, CCFP) is a family physician at Khatshlano Medical Clinic in Kitsilano, Vancouver with experience in aesthetic skin care therapies.
Skin Therapeutics is an extension of his daily practice, through which he finds it rewarding in helping individuals address their aesthetic skin concerns.
With his continuous training and experience, he aims to safely and effectively help individuals. Some of the tools he uses in his daily practice include but not limited to the use of neuromodulators (botulism toxin), dermal fillers, laser therapy and a medical grade skin care line.
The mission of his aesthetic practice is to address a wide range of skin concerns of all skin types safely, whilst providing high quality therapy that aims to repair, restore, enhance and prevent skin ailments such as acne, signs of aging, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, unwanted hair growth and much more.

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